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Got an old boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other that's no longer in the picture (no pun intended...) but they're still in the best little snap shot ever taken of you?  Don't worry your little head!

Let Miss Purdy just Kick 'Em To The Curb and don't waste that good-lookin' shot of you on someone you Kicked To The Curb long ago!  Miss Purdy calls it her version of "picture burning par-tay!"

That will show 'em!

Note: determining whether or not someone can truly be kicked from your photo depends on how "intertwined" they are in the photo.

Miss Purdy will need to evaluate the photo to see if a "kicking" can actually happen with your particular photo.

Hint:  submit more than one photo for the kicking, and Miss Purdy can choose the one best suited for the curb-kicking!

Note: We Like To Work With The Ol' Time Photos Of Yester-Year...

Not The New Age, Punk-Type Photos of Today... Miss Purdy just Plumb Likes It That Way!



Photo: Mother & Child

Note: Even his shadow has been removed from the shot!

There's not a single trace of him left after Miss Purdy Kicked Him To The Curb!

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