What's It Gunna Cost?

Every event is different and lots of things are considered when Miss Purdy gives you a price... for instance... distance, specific needs, number of cow-folk that will attend... you catch my drift... Call Miss Purdy at (214) 514-7149 for current discounts & specials... But here's the basic pricing (before discounts) Regular Pricing for Local Forth Worth, Texas events:



                              Regular Price (PLUS mileage & setup/tear down) for 1-day rental in Local Fort Worth, Texas:

               additional costs apply for Non-Local & Out-of-State events...call Miss Purdy today for a quote... and remember...                                  Get BIG Discounts on any Multi-Package!  Call Miss Purdy for your Discount today!


$ 1,699 - Old Time Photos -Unlimited digital photos with backdrop, costumes, accessories & guns

$ 1,999 - Western Props throughout your event, whiskey barrels, saddles, motifs, etc. (call for list)

$ 2,500 - "Texas Stagelines" Stagecoach rental - NOTE: Stagecoach is Non Horse-drawn

$ 1,000 - "Texas or Bust" Covered Wagon rental - NOTE: Covered Wagon is Non Horse-drawn

$ 1,000 - "Bacon N' Beans" Chuck Wagons rental (2) Chuck Wagons available-non horse-drawn)

$ 1,999 - "Crazy Horse Saloon" - up to 12' wide x 8" tall with Old Time Whiskey Bottles & Decor

$ 3,999 - "The Texas Township" (4) Giant Old West Buildings (32' wide x 10' tall x 3' deep)

$ 1,299 - "The Buffalo Ranch" Aged wood Ranch Entrance with iron details & gorgeous details

$  999 - "Watch Yer Head" -Saloon Entrance with windows & cafe doors -  10' wide x 8' tall

$  999 - "Purdy's Parlor" Drapery backdrop with poker table, whiskey jugs, & decor 

$ 1,999 - "Ghost Town" (6) Outbuildings with operational  lighting inside (FREE with Full Pkg booking)

$ 2,999 - "Bootleg Bandits" 1923 Model T Gangster Car with fog machine inside - 10' long

$  999 - "Fat-Cats City-Scape" 8'tall x 21'wide City-Scape Silhouette (3 sizes available!)

$  799 - "Sweeny's Speakeasy Entrance" Gorgeous Drapery & Feathered Harlequin Pillars

$ 1,200 - "Gangsters Only" (4) Gangster Outbuildings with Lights & Decor

$  999 - "Rustic Christmas" Trees & Greenery, Old Time Tea Candles, fabric-wrapped presents

$ 30ea - Table CenterPieces (FREE with Full Package Booking of Photos, Wagons & Props!)


NOTE:  Please ADD $999 when freight elevators are required for set up!!!



       Call Miss Purdy for Current Specials & Discounts!

    (214) 514-7149


      Git a GREAT discount when you rent the whole "shi-bang"... also known as:

    "The Big Bad Mamma Jamma Package"


For payment, we take just about everything but Chickens and Cherry Pies!    We don't accept Cat House Tokens or Confederate Money neither!  We do have our limitations ya know!
We take just the basics:
Cash-Ola   ​MC   Visa   AmEx   Discover


NOTE ***In case there will be freight elevators involved, difficult setup areas, or longer travel distances, Miss Purdy might charge just a smidge extra... even though she enjoys the extra exercise!  Just let Miss Purdy know what your needs are and she will be happy to oblige!​  Graduation Nights and specialty events that run more than 1-day may cost a few extra bucks.

Download Miss Purdy's Western Brochure Here (pdf format)
Download Gangster Great Gatsby Brochure Here (pdf format)